Yamaguchi city

A 360-degree experience of Yamaguchi, an attractive yet still unknown area in Western Japan
Experience the culture-rich city of Yamaguchi

Hofu City

Hofu Tenmangu Shrine & Metal Casting Experience
Pray at a famous beautiful shrine and experience Japanese craftsmanship

Iwakuni City

Cross the Kintai Bridge, one of the three most famous bridges in Japan! Castle Town Iwakuni Walking Tour
The view from a mountaintop castle, a museum of swords and armour, and some very popular sake!

Mine City

Enjoy exploring Japan’s largest karst limestone plateau! Cycling tour in Akiyoshidai
Travel 300 million years back in time following the long history of nature’s creation.

Shimonoseki City

Walking Tour Around Karato Market, the Kitchen of the Kanmon Straits
Explore the flavors of the sea and the history of the Kanmon Straits at one of Japan's largest puffer fish markets

Nagato city

Enjoy the different faces of Nagato: sea, mountains and onsen
Activities focusing on sea, mountains and onsen

Hagi City

Insightful Cycling Tour Around the Historical Sites of Hagi
Explore the turbulent history of the Edo period and the modern age and enjoy the finest sceneries

Yamaguchi City

Experience Zen Meditation and Sutra Transcription at a Zen Temple and Enjoy Buddhist Cuisine While Gazing Over a Japanese Garden
Zen meditation experience at a remote old temple

Shimonoseki City

Discover the charm of a city on the edge of a strait that has witnessed so much history! Shimonoseki Walking Tour
Learn about the history of Shimonoseki, experience its food culture, and enjoy spectacular views in a single day!