Shikoku Pilgrimage by foldable bikes

Shikoku Pilgrimage by foldable bikes
The vast island of Shikoku is famous for its long 88-temple pilgrimage route, which since ancient times attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.
Today, visit the first five temples of the pilgrimage by quickly moving from one to the other on stylish foldable bikes.
What you'll do
Pilgrimage by bike

A great introduction to this fascinating pilgrimage. While the whole 88-temple pilgrimage generally takes more than a month and a half to be completed, cover the first five temples with this fun active tour and bring home your pilgrimage diary to collect more stamps from the remaining temples next time you will visit Japan.

Feel the ancient unchanged atmosphere

With your foldable bike you will be able to access even some of the ancient original pilgrimage roads.
While cycling through the local streets of Tokushima, you will feel the unchanged atmosphere through time.

Get to know Tokushima

Beyond the pilgrimage sites, there will be plenty of time to experience the local life of the Tokushima region, from its local food to its ancient Shinto shrines.