Enjoyed from a Bizen pottery, drink the most delicious beer and coffee you have ever had in your life

Find out the mystery of why beer and coffee taste so good in Bizen ware cups!
Bizen pottery has been designated as a Japanese national craft and, with many Bizen potteries in the Inbe area of Bizen City, hometown of the craft, recently more and more foreign tourists are enjoying their visits, shopping, and trying pottery experiences.
Bizen ware is easy to heat, hard to cool, and preserves the fragrance of your drink. It can transform your beer or coffee into the most delicious cup. Explore the roots of Bizen ware to unravel this mystery and get a cup to enjoy the best coffee and beer in your life.
What you'll do
01.Enjoy the best coffee and beer of your life

Once you compare coffee and beer served in a cup of Bizen ware to other cups, you will understand through tasting exactly why Bizen ware is better, and why the taste is much better than a normal glass.

02.Visit the roots of Bizen ware pottery with a local guide (Pottery history lesson)

You can tour galleries of living national treasure potters, as well as up coming artists. You will meet active craftsmen and listen to their stories about Bizen ware pottery.

03.Make your own pottery with the craftsmen (pottery experience)

Even beginners, children or adults, can enjoy this experience of actually making your own cup or plate.