The Okayama area has flourished as an area alive with various culture including swords, Bizen ware and other handicrafts. Because of its warm climate, fruits such as peaches and muscat grapes are actively grown there. It is also dotted with places where you can see the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

Kurashiki City

Re-dye and refresh your favourite clothes with Indigo dying in the Jeans District of Okayama
See the wonderful design and quality of Japanese Denim!

Tuyama city

Arts and crafts of Tsuyama: “Sakushu-gasuri” weaving
Take a close look at this ancient weaving technique, typical of this town

Tsuyama City

A trip to meet nostalgic Japanese landscapes in Okayama and Tsuyama
Machiya (townhouses), modern architecture, retro trains, and more; each era represents the different charms of Japan!


Witness the hidden artistry of Japan’s strange ‘Naked Man’ festival.
Unravel the mystery of the temple that attracts your heart with a strange festival and arts.


Enjoyed from a Bizen pottery, drink the most delicious beer and coffee you have ever had in your life
Find out the mystery of why beer and coffee taste so good in Bizen ware cups!


Circle Okayama castle and the back alleys on a unique bicycle made in Okayama.
Ride on a “Walking Bicycle”, a first-of-its-kind, a new style of transportation developed in Okayama!

Kurashiki City

A trip to Kojima, Kurashiki City to find the Setouchi Blue. Cycling Tour with fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea
Cycling along abandoned railway tracks and visiting famous jeans stores; Kojima is filled with unique activities

Maniwa city

Hiruzen Highlands: a cycling tour through nature, history and food
Join a cycling tour of Hiruzen Highlands, on the mountain side of the Okayama region. Enjoy the impressive views and have an outdoor breakfast featuring the local products


Participate in a workshop and experience the power of the Japanese Taiko Drum.
Learn and perform Wadaiko together with the Kurashiki Tenryo Taiko drum performance group!

Okayama City

Visit the refined beauty of Japan. Okayama & Kurashiki Walking Tour
Covering the three largest gardens in Japan, Japan's first Western art museum and other must-see spots that reveal the roots of Japanese beauty.


Stay at an inn on an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea (Opens in September 2020)
Choose your own tailored accommodation in the centre of the Seto Inland Sea and enjoy your stay and good food!