Mt Ishizuchi hike and pilgrimage

Hiking surrounded by the impressive nature of Mt Ishizuchi
At 1982m, Mt Ishizuchi is the highest mountain in Western Japan and a pilgrimage destination since a long time. Beyond enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding this mountain -particularly spectacular from the ropeway- hike a section of the mountain until the Shinto sanctuary where a special blessing will be arranged at this power spot.
What you'll do
A pilgrimage surrounded by nature

Take the Ishizuchi ropeway for unparalleled views of the area, including the Seto Inland Sea. Then, a short hike will take you to the Joju shrine, an important Shinto sanctuary destination of many pilgrims in the past, as well as nowadays.

Shinto blessing at Joju shrine

Take part to the Shinto blessing with the local priest at Joju shrine.

Recharge at this natural and spiritual power spot

This is considered an important power spot on Shikoku island - a place where nature meets spirituality.