The Ehime area has the Nishiseto Expressway, one of Japan’s leading cycling roads, and the area draws attention from cyclists around the world. Ehime contains many places where visitors can encounter history, including Dogo Onsen, a hot spring with a history stretching back some 3,000 years, and the streetscapes of Uchiko, which still look like they did the Edo and Meiji periods.


Experience the lifestyle of living in a small mountain Village
Experience the daily life of living in a mountain village!

Ozu City

A walking tour of Ozu and Uchiko, towns that still retain the townscape and culture of 100 years ago.
Towns which are themselves cultural heritages! Go on a journey to trace the different development of Ozu City and Uchiko Town.

Imabari City

Shimanamikaido and Yumeshima routes: combine cycling with cruising along the Seto Inland Sea!
Cycle through selected routes on both the Shimanamikaido and the Yumeshima cycling routes on high-performance electric assist bikes


A sunset tour cruise where you can discover the beauty of the Setouchi region on a luxury catamaran yacht
Be guided by a New Zealand captain who fell in love with the Seto Inland Sea.

Matsuyama City

Visit Matsuyama in Ehime, a town of high culture. Matsuyama Castle & Dogo Hot Springs Walking Tour
From Japan's oldest hot springs to a castle tower with a spectacular view, Matsuyama is full of must-see spots!


Discover Ozu, stroll around a pleasant medieval town
Enjoy the wonder of Japanese architecture with a professional guide!


Cycle the Islands of Dreams: The Yumeshima Kaido
Be guided around the quiet islands of Kamijima by a New Zealander who visited once and never left.

Imabari City

Tour the magnificent scenery, and the industries created by the Seto Inland Sea. Ehime, Imabari Cycling Tour
A unique city where Japan's largest band of pirates, Japan's largest shipyard, and a high-quality towel brand were born

Saijyo City

Mt Ishizuchi hike and pilgrimage
Hiking surrounded by the impressive nature of Mt Ishizuchi