Learn why these three thousand islands rising majestically from calmly flowing waters hold such a special place in the Japanese psyche. Go deep and you will see not just natural beauty, but the essence of what it means to be truly alive. Discovery and delights, adventure and indulgence, a world of experience awaits you in Setouchi.With its breathtaking scenery, rich history and deep culture, even within Japan the Setouchi area is considered a little bit special. Take a sneak peek into the unique experiences awaiting you with these movies.

ALL EXPERIENCESA special experience approaching from an unprecedented angle

Hyogo/Izushi-cho, Toyooka City

Hyogo/Izushi-cho, Toyooka CityThe town of soba noodles! Explore the old castle town of Izushi and enjoy its culinary treasure

Hyogo/Toyooka City

Hyogo/Toyooka CityBeyond the onsen: Experience Kinosaki on stylish bikes!

Hyogo/kobe City

Hyogo/kobe CityLearn all about an international port city! A comprehensive tour of Kobe’s most popular spots

Hyogo/Himeji City

Hyogo/Himeji CityHimeji Castle and Engyoji Temple in one day. A tour of Himeji’s two most famous sites

Hyogo/Tambasasayama City

Hyogo/Tambasasayama CityLearn about the indigenous culture nurtured in remote mountainous areas with our Hyogo Tamba-Sasayama Walking Tour.


Okayama/Bizen-cityEnjoyed from a Bizen pottery, drink the most delicious beer and coffee you have ever had in your life


Okayama/Okayama-cityCircle Okayama castle and the back alleys on a unique bicycle made in Okayama.


Okayama/Okayama-cityParticipate in a workshop and experience the power of the Japanese Taiko Drum.

Okayama/Kurashiki City

Okayama/Kurashiki CityRe-dye and refresh your favourite clothes with Indigo dying in the Jeans District of Okayama


Okayama/Kasaoka-cityStay at an inn on an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea (Opens in September 2020)


Okayama/Okayama-cityWitness the hidden artistry of Japan’s strange ‘Naked Man’ festival.

Okayama/Maniwa city

Okayama/Maniwa cityHiruzen Highlands: a cycling tour through nature, history and food

Okayama/Tuyama city

Okayama/Tuyama cityArts and crafts of Tsuyama: “Sakushu-gasuri” weaving

Okayama/Okayama City

Okayama/Okayama CityVisit the refined beauty of Japan. Okayama & Kurashiki Walking Tour

Okayama/Kurashiki City

Okayama/Kurashiki CityA trip to Kojima, Kurashiki City to find the Setouchi Blue. Cycling Tour with fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea

Okayama/Tsuyama City

Okayama/Tsuyama CityA trip to meet nostalgic Japanese landscapes in Okayama and Tsuyama


Hiroshima/Hatsukaichi-cityUnique boat tour of Miyajima, home to the World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine site.


Hiroshima/Etajima-cityA cycling tour where you can enjoy the sights and tastes of the island


Hiroshima/Onomichi-citySee Japan’s heritage and explore Onomichi’s Secret Island at a leisurely pace!


Hiroshima/higashihiroshima-cityA Tour of sake breweries in Saijo, some of Japan’s leading representative Breweries!


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityA tour to experience the swordsmanship of the Edo Period set in Hiroshima castle


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityExperience the Origins and Development of the Ancient Japanese Martial Art “Kyudo Archery”


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityAn early morning summit walk in nature to heal your body and soul


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityPeace tour with a private Taxi and local guide


Hiroshima/Takehara-cityA tour of Japan’s leading salt factories and sake breweries (one day or overnight tour)

Hiroshima/Mihara City

Hiroshima/Mihara CitySamurai cuisine from 500 years ago – a very unique cooking class at a special venue

Hiroshima/Hiroshima City

Hiroshima/Hiroshima CityHiroshima & Miyajima Perfect Tour

Hiroshima/Onomichi City

Hiroshima/Onomichi CityExploring Onomichi’s Must-See Spots & Shimanami Kaido Mini Cycling Tour

Hiroshima/Takehara City

Hiroshima/Takehara CityJam-packed visit to Takehara City! A private tour to a beautiful old town and “Rabbit Island”

Hiroshima/Jinsekikogen town

Hiroshima/Jinsekikogen townA spiritual retreat in the middle of the mountains: zen monastery experience

Yamaguchi/Nagato city

Yamaguchi/Nagato cityEnjoy the different faces of Nagato: sea, mountains and onsen

Yamaguchi/Yamaguchi city

Yamaguchi/Yamaguchi cityA 360-degree experience of Yamaguchi, an attractive yet still unknown area in Western Japan

Yamaguchi/Mine City

Yamaguchi/Mine CityEnjoy exploring Japan’s largest karst limestone plateau! Cycling tour in Akiyoshidai

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki City

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki CityDiscover the charm of a city on the edge of a strait that has witnessed so much history! Shimonoseki Walking Tour

Yamaguchi/Iwakuni City

Yamaguchi/Iwakuni CityCross the Kintai Bridge, one of the three most famous bridges in Japan! Castle Town Iwakuni Walking Tour

Tokushima/itano town

Tokushima/itano townShikoku Pilgrimage by foldable bikes

Tokushima/Tokushima City

Tokushima/Tokushima CityExplore the many cultures fostered in Tokushima. Tokushima & Naruto Walking Tour

Tokushima/Naruto City

Tokushima/Naruto CityEnjoy the charm of Tokushima that you can only experience here. Naruto Cycling & Walking Tour

Tokushima/Yoshinogawa City

Tokushima/Yoshinogawa CityEnjoy the traditional culture and beautiful townscape developed side by side with nature! Tokushima, Yoshino River Walking Tour

Tokushima/Miyoshi City

Tokushima/Miyoshi CityIya valley by foldable bikes


Kagawa/Marugame-cityMeet Japanese traditional craftsmen on a cycling tour


Kagawa/Takamatsu-cityA cultivation sites tour of the world-renowned Japanese bonsai


Kagawa/ShodoshimaA unique self-guided tour of Shodoshima’s hidden secrets

Kagawa/Takamatsu City

Kagawa/Takamatsu CityThe fine art of bonsai and landscape gardens

Kagawa/Shoudo Gun

Kagawa/Shoudo GunShodoshima Island: the heart of Japanese soy sauce culture and folk art

Kagawa/Takamatsu City

Kagawa/Takamatsu CityWalking in the scenic city of water. Kagawa, Takamatsu Walking Tour

Kagawa/Tonosho Town

Kagawa/Tonosho Town【April to November only】Enjoy the island of food and art in the Seto Inland Sea! Teshima Cycling Tour

Kagawa/Zentsuji City

Kagawa/Zentsuji CityExplore the temples and shrines of Kotohira and Zentsuji! A pilgrimage to Kagawa’s two major power spots


Ehime/Kamijima-townA sunset tour cruise where you can discover the beauty of the Setouchi region on a luxury catamaran yacht


Ehime/Kamijima-TownCycle the Islands of Dreams: The Yumeshima Kaido


Ehime/Uchiko‐townExperience the lifestyle of living in a small mountain Village


Ehime/Ozu-cityDiscover Ozu, stroll around a pleasant medieval town

Ehime/Imabari City

Ehime/Imabari CityShimanamikaido and Yumeshima routes: combine cycling with cruising along the Seto Inland Sea!

Ehime/Saijyo City

Ehime/Saijyo CityMt Ishizuchi hike and pilgrimage

Ehime/Matsuyama City

Ehime/Matsuyama CityVisit Matsuyama in Ehime, a town of high culture. Matsuyama Castle & Dogo Hot Springs Walking Tour

Ehime/Imabari City

Ehime/Imabari CityTour the magnificent scenery, and the industries created by the Seto Inland Sea. Ehime, Imabari Cycling Tour

Ehime/Ozu City

Ehime/Ozu CityA walking tour of Ozu and Uchiko, towns that still retain the townscape and culture of 100 years ago.