To travel the plans of Japanese experts

Learn why these 3000 islands, towering from the gently flowing water, hold such a special place in the spirit of Japan. If you dig deeper, you will discover not only the beauty of nature, but also the essence of being truly alive. In Setouchi, a world of discovery and joy, adventure and luxury, and experience awaits you. With its breathtaking scenery, rich history and deep culture, the Setouchi area is considered to be a little special in Japan. Take a peek at the unique experiences that are waiting for you in these movies.


ALL EXPERIENCESA special experience approaching from an unprecedented angle

Hyogo/Izushi-cho, Toyooka City

Hyogo/Izushi-cho, Toyooka CityThe town of soba noodles! Explore the old castle town of Izushi and enjoy its culinary treasure

Hyogo/Toyooka City

Hyogo/Toyooka CityBeyond the onsen: Experience Kinosaki on stylish bikes!

Hyogo/kobe City

Hyogo/kobe CityLearn all about an international port city! A comprehensive tour of Kobe’s most popular spots

Hyogo/Himeji City

Hyogo/Himeji CityHimeji Castle and Engyoji Temple in one day. A tour of Himeji’s two most famous sites

Hyogo/Tambasasayama City

Hyogo/Tambasasayama CityLearn about the indigenous culture nurtured in remote mountainous areas with our Hyogo Tamba-Sasayama Walking Tour.

Hyogo/Kobe City

Hyogo/Kobe CityArima Hot Springs Historical Walking Tour

Hyogo/Tambasasayama City

Hyogo/Tambasasayama CityIncense Workshop and Cultural Walking Tour in the Castle Town, Sasayama

Hyogo/Taka Town

Hyogo/Taka TownTraditional Sugihara Washi-Making Workshop

Hyogo/Kakogawa City

Hyogo/Kakogawa CityShakyo (Buddhist Transcription) and Zen Meditation Experience at Kakurin-ji Temple + Local Hot Pot Tour

Okayama/Bizen City

Okayama/Bizen CityA tour to enjoy Bizen-ware pottery and the most delicious beer and coffee you’ve ever tried


Okayama/Okayama-cityCircle Okayama castle and the back alleys on a unique bicycle made in Okayama.


Okayama/Okayama-cityParticipate in a workshop and experience the power of the Japanese Taiko Drum.

Okayama/Kurashiki City

Okayama/Kurashiki CityRe-dye and refresh your favourite clothes with Indigo dying in the Jeans District of Okayama


Okayama/Kasaoka-cityStay at an inn on an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea (Opens in September 2020)


Okayama/Okayama-cityWitness the hidden artistry of Japan’s strange ‘Naked Man’ festival.

Okayama/Maniwa city

Okayama/Maniwa cityHiruzen Highlands: a cycling tour through nature, history and food

Okayama/Tuyama city

Okayama/Tuyama cityArts and crafts of Tsuyama: “Sakushu-gasuri” weaving

Okayama/Okayama City

Okayama/Okayama CityVisit the refined beauty of Japan. Okayama & Kurashiki Walking Tour

Okayama/Kurashiki City

Okayama/Kurashiki CityA trip to Kojima, Kurashiki City to find the Setouchi Blue. Cycling Tour with fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea

Okayama/Tsuyama City

Okayama/Tsuyama CityA trip to meet nostalgic Japanese landscapes in Okayama and Tsuyama

Okayama/Okayama City

Okayama/Okayama CitySeto Ohashi Bridge Sightseeing Flight

Okayama/Kurashiki City

Okayama/Kurashiki CityKurashiki Night Foodie Tour

Okayama/Setouchi City

Okayama/Setouchi CityWalking Tour in Osafune, the “Holy Land of Japanese Swords”


Hiroshima/Hatsukaichi-cityUnique boat tour of Miyajima, home to the World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine site.


Hiroshima/Etajima-cityA cycling tour where you can enjoy the sights and tastes of the island


Hiroshima/Onomichi-citySee Japan’s heritage and explore Onomichi’s Secret Island at a leisurely pace!


Hiroshima/higashihiroshima-cityA Tour of sake breweries in Saijo, some of Japan’s leading representative Breweries!


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityA tour to experience the swordsmanship of the Edo Period set in Hiroshima castle


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityExperience the Origins and Development of the Ancient Japanese Martial Art “Kyudo Archery”

Hiroshima/Hiroshima City

Hiroshima/Hiroshima CityAsageshiki


Hiroshima/Hiroshima-cityPeace tour with a private Taxi and local guide


Hiroshima/Takehara-cityA tour of Japan’s leading salt factories and sake breweries (one day or overnight tour)

Hiroshima/Mihara City

Hiroshima/Mihara CitySamurai cuisine from 500 years ago – a very unique cooking class at a special venue

Hiroshima/Hiroshima City

Hiroshima/Hiroshima CityHiroshima & Miyajima Perfect Tour

Hiroshima/Onomichi City

Hiroshima/Onomichi CityExploring Onomichi’s Must-See Spots & Shimanami Kaido Mini Cycling Tour

Hiroshima/Takehara City

Hiroshima/Takehara CityJam-packed visit to Takehara City! A private tour to a beautiful old town and “Rabbit Island”

Hiroshima/Jinsekikogen town

Hiroshima/Jinsekikogen townA spiritual retreat in the middle of the mountains: zen monastery experience

Hiroshima/Hiroshima City

Hiroshima/Hiroshima CityExperience making a foil-stamped fan using special brass foil

Hiroshima/Higashihiroshima City

Hiroshima/Higashihiroshima CityLearn from master brewers on the Saijo Sake Tour in the heartland of Japanese sake

Hiroshima/Hatsukaichi City

Hiroshima/Hatsukaichi CityHiking Tour at Mt. Misen, Miyajima

Yamaguchi/Nagato city

Yamaguchi/Nagato cityEnjoy the different faces of Nagato: sea, mountains and onsen

Yamaguchi/Yamaguchi city

Yamaguchi/Yamaguchi cityA 360-degree experience of Yamaguchi, an attractive yet still unknown area in Western Japan

Yamaguchi/Mine City

Yamaguchi/Mine CityEnjoy exploring Japan’s largest karst limestone plateau! Cycling tour in Akiyoshidai

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki City

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki CityDiscover the charm of a city on the edge of a strait that has witnessed so much history! Shimonoseki Walking Tour

Yamaguchi/Iwakuni City

Yamaguchi/Iwakuni CityCross the Kintai Bridge, one of the three most famous bridges in Japan! Castle Town Iwakuni Walking Tour

Yamaguchi/Hagi City

Yamaguchi/Hagi CityInsightful Cycling Tour Around the Historical Sites of Hagi

Yamaguchi/Yamaguchi City

Yamaguchi/Yamaguchi CityExperience Zen Meditation and Sutra Transcription at a Zen Temple and Enjoy Buddhist Cuisine While Gazing Over a Japanese Garden

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki City

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki CityWalking Tour Around Karato Market, the Kitchen of the Kanmon Straits

Yamaguchi/Hofu City

Yamaguchi/Hofu CityHofu Tenmangu Shrine & Metal Casting Experience

Tokushima/Naruto City

Tokushima/Naruto CityShikoku Pilgrimage on Folding Bikes

Tokushima/Tokushima City

Tokushima/Tokushima CityExplore the many cultures fostered in Tokushima. Tokushima & Naruto Walking Tour

Tokushima/Naruto City

Tokushima/Naruto CityEnjoy the charm of Tokushima that you can only experience here. Naruto Cycling & Walking Tour

Tokushima/Yoshinogawa City

Tokushima/Yoshinogawa CityEnjoy the traditional culture and beautiful townscape developed side by side with nature! Tokushima, Yoshino River Walking Tour

Tokushima/Miyoshi City

Tokushima/Miyoshi CityIya valley by foldable bikes

Tokushima/Tokushima City

Tokushima/Tokushima CityTokushima Awa-Odori Experience Tour

Tokushima/Naruto City

Tokushima/Naruto CityNaruto Strait Fishing and Catch-Your-Own-Fish Food Tour

Tokushima/Naruto City

Tokushima/Naruto CityJAPAN BLUE Indigo Dyeing and Miso Brewery Tour in Awa


Kagawa/Marugame-cityMeet Japanese traditional craftsmen on a cycling tour

Kagawa/Takamatsu City

Kagawa/Takamatsu CityVisit a world-class Japanese bonsai cultivation site


Kagawa/ShodoshimaA unique self-guided tour of Shodoshima’s hidden secrets

Kagawa/Takamatsu City

Kagawa/Takamatsu CityThe fine art of bonsai and landscape gardens

Kagawa/Shoudo Gun

Kagawa/Shoudo GunShodoshima Island: the heart of Japanese soy sauce culture and folk art

Kagawa/Takamatsu City

Kagawa/Takamatsu CityWalking in the scenic city of water. Kagawa, Takamatsu Walking Tour

Kagawa/Tonosho Town

Kagawa/Tonosho Town【April to November only】Enjoy the island of food and art in the Seto Inland Sea! Teshima Cycling Tour

Kagawa/Zentsuji City

Kagawa/Zentsuji CityExplore the temples and shrines of Kotohira and Zentsuji! A pilgrimage to Kagawa’s two major power spots

Kagawa/Takamatsu City

Kagawa/Takamatsu CityMorning stroll in Ritsurin Garden & sanuki udon making experience

Kagawa/Shodo Island, Shozu District

Kagawa/Shodo Island, Shozu DistrictShodoshima photographic tour by chartered taxi

Kagawa/Naoshima Town

Kagawa/Naoshima TownElectric Bike Cycling Tour in Naoshima, the Island of Contemporary Art


Ehime/Kamijima-townA sunset tour cruise where you can discover the beauty of the Setouchi region on a luxury catamaran yacht


Ehime/Kamijima-TownCycle the Islands of Dreams: The Yumeshima Kaido


Ehime/Uchiko‐townExperience the lifestyle of living in a small mountain Village


Ehime/Ozu-cityDiscover Ozu, stroll around a pleasant medieval town

Ehime/Imabari City

Ehime/Imabari CityShimanamikaido and Yumeshima routes: combine cycling with cruising along the Seto Inland Sea!

Ehime/Saijo City

Ehime/Saijo CityHiking and Wish-Fulfillment Journey on Mt. Ishizuchi

Ehime/Matsuyama City

Ehime/Matsuyama CityVisit Matsuyama in Ehime, a town of high culture. Matsuyama Castle & Dogo Hot Springs Walking Tour

Ehime/Imabari City

Ehime/Imabari CityTour the magnificent scenery, and the industries created by the Seto Inland Sea. Ehime, Imabari Cycling Tour

Ehime/Ozu City

Ehime/Ozu CityA walking tour of Ozu and Uchiko, towns that still retain the townscape and culture of 100 years ago.

Ehime/Matsuyama City

Ehime/Matsuyama CityEhime Nighttime Foodie Tour in Matsuyama

Ehime/Ozu City

Ehime/Ozu CityA Tour of the Historical Architecture of Ozu City & Garyu Sanso

Ehime/Uwajima City

Ehime/Uwajima CityUwajima’s Historical Cycling Tour